Skid Pan Sunday 3rd November

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2019-11-03 10:00
Thruxton Motorsports Centre, Andover SP11 8PW - Thruxton Motorsports Centre, Andover SP11 8PW

Associates and Guests £80, Members £75, Tutors £70

Normal rate £99

Once again we have negotiated fantastic rates with the driving experts at Thruxton Race Circuit to bring you another chance of attending the popular Skid Pan course at their state of the art training facility.

Just look at some of the feedback we received from those on the last course -

“The use of both front and rear wheel drive cars superbly outlined the differences in handling”

“Compared with the use of a cradle previously the skid pan seemed more natural to what you might experience on the road”

“ Interesting and entertaining and superb value for money”

“ A great couple of hours and I would definitely do it again” 

You will be alternating between the Mini Cooper and the Toyota GT86  to really experience how to handle a vehicle in adverse weather conditions. The cars have also been adapted so that safety features such as ABS can be completely isolated to get a better understanding of just what they can, and perhaps more importantly don’t do for you.

 2hr Course includes

  • Straight line braking tests, with and without ABS [anti lock braking system]
  • Straight line slalom, weight transfer and direction change controlling under and oversteer.
  • Prolonged control of under and oversteer on 45m diameter circle.
  • Exercises will be experienced with all electronic stability systems switched on for first run.
  • Recognising and correcting both front and rear wheel skids

Only 4 Drivers per course so please complete this booking form as soon as possible - click the green "register" button at the top of this page to book your place!


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