Driving Course

Congratulations on your achievement!

Now you have completed your test you are considered a full member of both RoSPA and our group. Please inform your Tutor of your test result, so that we can give you full recognition of your achievement.

Passed Silver or Gold grade? Want to pass on your new found skills to others? Why not consider becoming as a Tutor?

Once it's decided that you are ready for your advanced test, you should make your application directly with Headquarters using this link to test application forms

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders will appoint an examiner who will contact you in due course. This can sometimes take some time as the examiners are often serving police officers but if you haven't been contacted within a few weeks please contact RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders using these contact details
Further information can be found in the Advanced Driving Test … what to expect

If you would like to share with others what you yourself have learned, we will provide training and support. Please get in touch with our Training Office to express your interest

Driving Tutor Workshops

Regular workshops are held for both Qualified and Trainee Tutors. Attendance is strongly recommended, please check our calendar for details on the next workshop.