Driving Course

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RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Thames Valley Group aim to reduce road accidents by encouraging an interest in road safety, improving driving standards through greater knowledge and skill. In order to do this the Thames Valley group offer cost effective courses for both drivers and riders in advanced Roadcraft Skills.

High quality training is vital… Our driver training is provided on a one-to-one basis in your car. All our tutors are volunteers and have passed the advanced driving test, hold a current tutor qualification and are registered with RoADAR HQ.

Your road to success comes in three stages;


When you have joined the Group as an Associate Member, the Training Officer will contact you to register you for the next available induction course. This is the gateway to your in-car training.

The induction course is an all-day event normally held on a Saturday. It includes presentations on various key aspects of Roadcraft, an opportunity to experience a taster session with a tutor and a practical demonstration from the tutor of how advanced driving techniques are used.


Induction Day Structure

A typical programme for the induction day will include
  •  Introducing Roadcraft’s System of Car Control
  •  Initial taster drive with a tutor
  •  Introducing Positioning and Cornering
  •  Introducing Commentary
  •  Demonstration drive by tutors
  •  Information about the Thames Valley Group
  •  Details about the remainder of your training

roadcraftAn observed drive is a training session in your car with one of our qualified tutors sitting beside you to offer guidance of various aspects of Roadcraft. Each drive will last between 60 – 90 minutes and you will be fully debriefed at the end and receive a written report. Click here to see example of an a assessment sheet


In our experience most drivers will see significant progress and are likely to have achieved their potential in about 10 drives although this can vary depending on factors such as your previous experience, your ability and willingness to practice – and the like.

Once you have reached the required standard you will be invited to apply for your “Advanced Driving Test

The test is conducted by a RoSPA examiner and lasts between 50 and 75 minutes and will cover a variety of roads. The examiner will be looking at how you deal with situations as they present themselves over the course of the test route and will ask you questions to determine your understanding of both Roadcraft and the current edition of the Highway Code. At the end of the drive you will be given a complete debrief with an opportunity for you to discuss any queries before you are told your result.

If successful, your test will be graded Gold, Silver or Bronze. More details on the grading system can be found here. Following your test you will receive a written report from the examiner and a certificate recording your achievement.