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Congratulations! By finding this page you have probably already made the first step to towards becoming a better and safer rider. We all want to further training for different reasons; maybe you’ve scared yourself once too often, maybe you don’t feel you’re getting the most from your bike, or you may have just passed your test and know you have more to learn.

The good news it that Advanced Rider Training through ROSPA can give you all this and more. The even better news is that the Thames Valley Group is the best of the best. Since being established in 2003 we have never had a test failure. Its something we’re proud of and we stand by our ethos of “quality not quantity”.

So how does it work and what can you expect? After an initial assessment session we will allocate you one of our Tutors. Every Tutor has passed their ROSPA test with either a silver or gold grade within the last three years, so you can be assured your Tutor is a consummate rider.

From there we move to the classroom. But the best classroom we know is the real world. Every Tutors' bike is equipped with radio and you will be given an intercom so that you receive commentary and guidance throughout your ride. Your Tutor will explain how to deal with hazards, road positioning, bike handling skills and how to read the road ahead. Regular rest stops during the ride provide an opportunity to discuss points of detail and explain (and debate) some of the finer points of Roadcraft, the system of riding we employ.

The rides take place at times of mutual convenience and are tailored to the needs of each individual. You can expect to cover between 50 and 150 miles during a session depending on the type of roads being ridden and the areas of development for the individual concerned. Of course, advanced riders must be able to apply their skills in all conditions and you can expect to be trained in both wet and dry conditions to allow your skills to develop.

We are, however, always aware of the need for safety and never push riders beyond their capabilities. With targeted training we aim to incrementally provide all of those we train with the skills, temperament and know-how to ride progressively and safely in all conditions.

Those who pass with a gold standard, the highest civilian riding standard available, are encouraged to become Tutors and pass their skills on to others. It takes 6-9 months and a minimum of 10 full-day practical role-play sessions for our Tutors to reach the level of competence we require from them. After our Tutors qualify, their on-going training continues and they are required to attend two one-day refresher courses each year in order to maintain their skills at the highest level.

In addition to formal training the Group organises regular social ride-outs on the first Sunday of every month throughout the year. These serve as an informal method of practising advanced riding, and provide an opportunity to meet similar enthusiasts and form an ongoing support and social group.Here are some tips and advice on attending a Ride Out.

There are a number of sources of further information for Advanced Motorcycling techniques. We would recommend the following websites - Thames Valley Police Safer Riding for general advice and Mike Waite for free factsheets and video clips of the practical application.

So you’ve got this far, so what next? Well the best thing to do is contact us for more information and to arrange an initial assessment. We really believe that once you’ve seen what we offer you won’t look back

For more information or to join you can contact us by either email or write to:

TVG Motorcycle Section,
RoADAR Thames Valley Group, 7 Angel Mead, Woolhampton, Reading, RG7 5SJ.

Next Ride-out:

Our organised ride-outs usually occur on the first Sunday of every month.
For information on the ride-outs please see the bike section Facebook site.

The next ride-out will be on April 6th 2014:
A Wander around Wiltshire

Andy Young will be on his Duc leading the way.
09:30 for a 10:00 start from Loomies.
The pace will be brisk, roads will be good, challenging and some great locations.

Lunch at a wonderful Wiltshire pub, with suitable pee and fuel breaks.
All welcome, ride at your own pace as we will use the marker system.
Briefing will be given at 1000 before departure for all.
Ending at Nelsons diner by 4pm if not before.

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